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Managing Change Online Training Tool

Fissure offers an online version of our 4 hour Managing Change workshop.  We look at this course as an "exercise room” full of equipment designed to help you beef up your change muscles. It will provide you with a better understanding of change, especially from the standpoint of its emotional impact on you and those around you. It will also give you tools to use to help you approach change in your work life (and in your life outside of work) with more confidence and effectiveness.
Of course, nothing can take away the stress and pain of a major change. Pain and loss are often at the very core of the change and an important part of the change process. However, after you have completed this course and have put some of its ideas into practice you will find that your “change muscles” have been tuned up and you will be dealing with change much more effectively and with much less stress. 
Please contact us for more information or a demonstration of this effective online change management training.

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