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Leading and Managing Change Training

"Change happens one person at a time" - Virginia Satir. Whether you agree or disagree with Virginia, most of us can agree that change does happen all the time - so why do most major change initiatives take so long and why is there so much resistance to the change? With a better understanding of change, transition and some new leadership tools, you can be successful in managing organizational change.

"I will take valuable insight on the "change" experience with me. It will help me to better handle, cope and enhance change situations."

-Dept. Game, Fish and Parks


Any Fissure leadership workshop can be delivered onsite, customized to your needs or licensed for your in-house use. For more information on change management development training, change skills, change workshops, business analysis training and PMP exam  preparation please contact us. (Click the PDF icons below for full printable brochures on each workshop.)


Leading Successful Change Simulation Workshop
2 days and 14 PDUs, $1195
PDF icon Leading Successful Change Simulation Workshop - Printable PDF for a more detailed description of this class
Can you become a better change leader - helping teams through change and transition with less resistance - consistently? What do you need to know to lead a team through a major change -and the associated transition? People go through five phases as a result of a major change – do you know what you can do to facilitate this process? Do you know what leadership techniques to use in each phase? You can become aware of change management leadership skills you would like to emulate by observing a “good” change leader or by attending a lecture, but to really develop those skills yourself, you need practice. In teams of four, participants lead a simulated real-life team through a major organizational change. Through the simulation they practice and develop change leadership skills, learning from their mistakes and their successes. Students learn and take away tools for planning and tracking successful transitions.

Managing Change Workshop
1/2 day and 4 PDUs, $275
PDF icon Managing Change Workshop - Printable PDF for a more detailed description of this class
This session provides a process for understanding change and transition and what people should know about and do with regards to that process to be more successful with a major organizational or personal change.