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Agile and Scrum Essentials for Practitioners

Agile and Scrum Essentials for Practitioners

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More and more organizations are seeing increased productivity, quality and team morale implementing Agile and Scrum specific methodologies for their projects. The Agile/Scrum Essentials two-day workshop is an introduction to, and application of, best practice Scrum terminology, concepts, and principles. You can read about Agile or take a typical training class, but until you actually experience an Agile project from beginning to end, it's difficult to understand, integrate, and apply the multi-faceted principles of Agile. You will leave the workshop with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully plan and execute a team-based Agile project.

The Agile/Scrum Essentials workshop begins by laying a foundation in best practice Scrum based Agile methodology using lecture, discussions, questions and team exercises.  This foundation provides the working knowledge and terminology necessary to successfully plan and execute a team-based Agile project. Participants turn their new knowledge into skills by actually planning and executing our Agile project simulation with real-life team members and stakeholders in a real-life organization. They learn by doing!

Who Should Attend:

This experience will prepare participants to effectively participate in or lead Agile project teams. Whether you are a scrum master, product owner, stakeholder, or team member you will benefit from this blending learning approach to developing Agile project based skills.

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