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User Stories For Agile Projects

User Stories For Agile Projects

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In this one-day workshop, participants learn how to use User Stories for understanding product requirements and how to leverage User Stories for Agile product development. You will learn several techniques for identifying and capturing User Stories to build a shared understanding of the needs of the users and the features of the product.  

This course provides hands-on experience capturing (writing) User Stories, User Story mapping, defining Acceptance Criteria, and understanding the lifecycle of a Story in an Agile product development framework.

Things you will learn

  • Understand the practices, principles, and values articulated in the Agile Manifesto
  • Build skills in identifying and capturing stories and building a product backlog
  • Gain experience writing “good” user stories and gain a deep understanding of the purpose and use of user stories throughout the product development lifecycle
  • Learn how to create a story map to identify and capture product requirements
  • Learn strategies to elaborate and decompose large stories in to “right sized” stories that are ready for development in upcoming iterations


Printable PDF for a more detailed description of this class: