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The Psychology of Change in Project Management Webinar

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May 4, 2017

1:00 PM CT

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According to the Project Management Institute, "When your organization is good at change, twice as many of your strategic initiatives are successful." Every project introduces some degree of change. For you as the project manager, the secret is acknowledging that change and preparing to address it both proactively and reactively. In this webinar, we will introduce successful strategies for tackling change using basic psychology, proven tools and real life stories.
We will focus primarily on stakeholder and communication management, with considerations around risk and team makeup. Topics include:

  • All projects are not created equal
  • What causes resistance?
  • Working with those affected by the change
  • Who are your change agents?
  • Your communication plan "on steroids"

Kay Quinn, PMP, MBA will be your guide. She is an experienced leader, project manager, public speaker, and educator.