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SimProject Project Management Simulation for University/College Classes

Fissure SimProject is an online project management simulation that is used in university and college courses throughout the world. The simulation gives students a way to practice and develop their newly learned project management skills. SimProject is a great learning tool for any instructor who wants their students to practice their technical & human project management skills on a real-life project.  Additional instructor information, including videos and recordings are available on our Simulation Powered Learning websiteFill out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page and someone from Fissure will contact you.

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SimProject can be run in teams in or out of the classroom or used as an individual or team homework assignment. The real-life project simulation allows students to lead a virtual team and as a project manager; plan, execute, monitor, control and close out a "real project". The simulation features 10 virtual team members performing 7 tasks over 11 virtual weeks. SimProject can be executed from beginning to end three times or used for 120 days, whichever comes first. Order SimProject here or feel free to contact us for bundled purchases.  

PDF - SimProject Printable Description

SimProject can be ordered right here and you can add it to your existing curriculum/book or utilize it to sharpen your personal PM skills. SimProject can be executed three times or used for 120 days, whichever comes first. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Here is a list of schools that are using or have used SimProject:

Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School
Texas Woman's University
Austin Community College
Towson University
Binus University
Trinity College Dublin
Concordia University St Paul
University of Denver
Colorado State
University of Houston
East Central College
University of Iowa
Florida Atlantic University
University of Kansas 
Hofstra University
University of Maryland
Illinois Institute of Technology
University of New Mexico
Kaplan University
University of Rochester
McMaster University
University of South Florida
National Defense University
Weber State University
Northwestern College
Widener University
Salisbury University