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The History of Fissure Corporation

Who We Are
Fissure is an innovative leader in providing simulation powered training.

Our workshops offer experiential skill-building in Business Analysis, Project Management, Agile/Scum, Leadership and Organizational Change.  We also offer a comprehensive capability assessment and companion improvement planning that provides valuable benchmark information used to formulate plans for improving the performance within an organization.  Our consulting services provide individual and team mentoring and independent assessments of risks, costs and schedule estimates.  We also provide collaboration services to work with your team in developing plans, metrics and measures for development processes and product performance as well as developing qualitative and quantitative metrics and measures for quality and productivity.
Fissure has been providing these services to Fortune 500 companies for more than 20 years and continues to be recognized internationally as a leader in providing the highest quality computer simulation training.  We are proud of the strength and diversity of our client list which includes Northrop Grumman, Microsoft, Best Buy Company, 3M Company, Target, Georgia-Pacific, Lockheed Martin, Cargill, PMI and many others.   

Our trainers (guides) have provided management and leadership training to over 30,000 people from over 20 countries. All our guides have extensive experience in business analysis, project management and leadership with backgrounds that represent an impressive diversity of industries and companies.  We select guides that share our values and we certify them in the use of a highly interactive, facilitative approach (i.e., they ask questions and involve students versus traditional “telling”).

Fissure was formed in 1988 and incorporated in 1990 as a consulting and training company.  Early on, Fissure investigated the feasibility of using simulation as a learning engine.  Our research and preliminary design work concluded that simulation powered learning was a superior approach and we’ve been refining and improving this means of delivering improved skill-building results since our beginning 20 years ago.

Our Value Contribution
Inefficient use of personnel is the most costly and stifling impediment to business performance and growth.  No business can achieve desired growth, improved performance or dramatic breakthroughs without first unleashing the talents and abilities of its people.  Unless the people have the skills necessary to be successful in today’s dynamic and complex business environment, no breakthroughs are possible and the organizations’ vision stagnates.  

Fissure helps visionary organizations achieve breakthrough results.  We teach employees the critical skills needed to be successful in the workplace.  With these skills, people can use their talents and abilities fully, finding breakthrough answers to problems.  The most efficient way to develop these skills is participation in a "learning by doing" environment.  Fissure provides that environment.  We promote self-discovery that leads to learning the skills people need, increased efficiency, improved morale and associated improvements in operational efficiency lowering the cost of doing business.

Using computer-based simulation students develop and improve needed workplace competencies by practicing new skills and reinforcing learning…through experiencing successes and mistakes during exercises they participate in.  The process is similar to pilots using a flight simulator - and just as effective.  Students are guided to the discovery of workable solutions to business problems.  They develop the skills to be more effective employees, without the delay and expense of on-the-job training.  Through simulation, we turn knowledge into performance.

Curriculum Development
Fissure has helped companies in the design and development of internal training curriculum.  One example is our work with Northrop Grumman in the development of a program, including simulation-based training, which is now the foundation for their project management training.  We have certified internal guides and provide on-going support.  They are extremely satisfied with the results of this program and each year they expand their project management training.  Other companies we have worked with to develop training programs include: 3M, The Coca-Cola Company, Georgia-Pacific, Mayo Foundation and Microsoft

Strategic Vision
Fissure’s strategic vision starts with our name: Fissure. A fissure represents a “breakthrough”; we facilitate breakthrough learning and growth through computer simulation and blended learning.  The name, Fissure, was chosen to also reflect our mission: to guide our customers in finding a path to their own solutions and discovering their own answers.  Again, emphasizing the “learn by doing” method of skill development.

Our strategic vision is to remain a premier provider of business analysis, project management and leadership training and be recognized as the world leader in related simulations.  We believe that if we provide the best quality training our clients will see the results they desire, our market place will grow, and we will grow.  We don’t believe in waiting for our competition to catch up or move ahead, we are constantly improving our simulations, workshop materials, and we expect our guides to continually improve as well.  Our vision includes making our simulations easier to develop and easier to tailor.  Skill building through computer-based simulation learning is in its infancy.  More and more companies will require computer simulation and will want their management and leadership training tailored to their environment; we are and will continue to be the leader in providing those solutions.

Someone once stated “Vision without action is a dream; action without vision is passing time.”  This applies to business analysis, project management, leadership and execution, Fissure teaches this in our workshops and we live this in our organization.  An example is the current upgrade to our simulations that will be available within the next year.  While we cannot share the details of the upgrade at this time, it is an enhancement that will greatly increase the realism of the simulation and add more aspects to the team decision-making process.  We believe this upgrade will keep us further ahead of the competition and enable us to move closer to our vision as the world leader in project management, leadership and related simulations.

As noted, Fissure has been in business for over 20 years.  While training investments are very dependent on the overall health of the economy, Fissure has weathered severe economic swings and our share of the market has, in-fact, shown steady growth.  This is a tribute to our products and our people.  We know our market and stay focused within that market, we know our strengths and continue to take advantage of those strengths and we do everything we can to maintain and build on that advantage.  Our growth has persistently been funded internally and enables us to achieve our vision of being there to work with our clients for the long term.

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