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Fissure Corporation Mission Statement

Mission, Values, Vision and Strategic Philosophy

What we do
A fissure represents a “breakthrough”, Fissure facilitates breakthrough learning and growth through simulation powered learning.

Our mission is to guide our customers in finding a path to their own solutions and discovering their own answers. Our mission is closely tied to our “learn by doing” method of skill development and our facilitative learning approach.

Our core values are: integrity, caring, openness, honesty, trusting, loyal, and trustworthy. We believe in the theory of abundance. We believe in win/win relationships with our clients and our partners. We do not enter into one sided relationships.

Our strategic vision is to grow as a premier provider of business analysis, project management and leadership training and to become a world leader in Simulation Powered Learning™.

Strategic Philosophy
Our simulations, materials and guides are the best that can be provided. We believe that if we provide the best quality training, our clients will see their desired results, our market will grow, and we will grow. We don’t believe in waiting for our competition to catch up or move ahead; we are constantly improving our simulations and workshop materials. We expect our guides to continually improve as well through their own self development and through their support of the development of Fissure workshops and simulations.